French Goat Cheese Pairings

French Goat Cheese Pairings

Posted: 25 Oct | 18:14 H

By Tia Keenan

Whipped Goat Cheese
with Radishes, Olive Oil, Lime Zest

A fresh and simple take on a classic snack of fresh radishes. High-quality olive oil and fresh lime zest punctuate the airy creaminess of the whipped goat cheese.

Le Pico
with Root Vegetable Chips

Root vegetable chips can be delicately dipped into an oozy, perfectly ripe Pico. Both share earthy, rich flavors.

with Nut Brittle

Nut brittle brings out the inherent nuttiness of Bucherondin, and the crisp texture is a nice contrast to the dense, rich cheese.

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Photo by Amy Y Lee©